A Family Owned & Operated Business

For many years our staff consisted mainly of all family members. As the years have passed, we have added on some new employees. We like to think of them as our “extended family” since they help us carry on that “family style tradition” everyday. Please feel free to contact either of our staff members with any suggestions, comments and/or question and concerns that you may have.
Our Team

The Best in the Business

Niko O.
Niko O.
I have had the good fortune of living in Poland which is why I love their food so much. This is why I am happy to have Central Falls Provisions making locally sourced Kielbasa, Bratwurst, Chourico, Frankfurters and other great items for purchase. If you are ever hosting an event where a sausage needs to be cooked, you will not go wrong with any item on their menu.
James L.
James L.
I buy their kielbasa at Dave's. Once you try it you'll never buy a national brand again. There is just absolutely no comparison. The quality is top notch. I usually use kielbasa as an ingredient in other dishes, but I have a very difficult time refraining from just shoving it all in my mouth as I cut it up...I'm not joking, it's THAT good. The hot kielbasa is my favorite. It's just enough heat for a little zing without detracting from the overall flavor. I haven't had a chance to try their other products, but if they put half as much effort into them as they do the kielbasa you will not be disappointed!
Robin M.
Robin M.
This place has the best fresh kielbasa!!  Anytime we have a special occasion and want authentic Polish food I come here.  They are friendly and the kielbasa never disappoints.
Brian F.
Brian F.
Get the spicy kielbasa. You'll never buy another brand again. I bought mine at my local marketplace. Looking forward to getting into their storefront to buy some other goodies soon.
Chris J.
Chris J.
Amazing family owned, second generation, homemade local sausage shop. Great kielbasa and a variety of other sausages made in house. A wide variety of sauerkrauts and perogis are available as well. The prices are also crazy low especially for the kielbasa. Plenty of parking. A bit easy to drive by since it is set back from the road so keep your eye out. Worth a trip to Central Falls.

Simply Brilliant

Top Skills

Our Staff

These are the dedicated people who meticulously insure that all of our products remain the same as the original family recipes.  They are dedicated to bring the flavor and freshness of all our kielbasas, loafs and hotdogs directly to your table.
Paul Skoczylas



Norm, is a Vet from the Vietnam era and head of packaging & distribution.


Meet Jim, head of store deliveries at CFP. Best driver ever!  Whatever you need, he’ll get it to you on time!


Susan, a graduate from Rhode Island College Works part time in the office as head of mail orders at CFP


Mildred or “babcia” is the matriarch of Central Falls Provision. At 92 she still ties kielbasa and greets customers at the door!

Hours of Operation
7:00am – 4:30pm


9:00 am to 1:00 pm
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847 High Street
Central Falls, RI 02863

Phone: (401)725-7020
Fax: (401)725-7022

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