Our History

Jean and Stephen Skoczylas

Stephen Skoczylas

Paul Skoczylas and Ed Scott

To our valued customers:

Here at Central Falls Provision Company, we are committed to bringing you the best quality homestyle Polish kielbasa. This is a tradition that we have upheld throughout three generations of family.

This tradition began over three quarters of a century ago, when my grandfather, Vincent Skoczylas, immigrated from Poland to the United States. He originally settled in New Britain, Connecticut, where he was employed in a meat plant. In 1923, he relocated from Connecticut and established Central Falls Provision in what was then the predominantly Polish community of Central Falls, Rhode Island. From that first day in 1923 through to today, we continue to process our kielbasa in the same unique homestyle manner. We take pride in this tradition of processing and believe that this is what separates us from the competition.

Today, we not only still service our original clientele, but we have also become the largest manufacturer of Polish kielbasa throughout all of Rhode Island. This achievement is a significant indication of the continuing success of our company. But why stop there?

After being told time and again by our prior customers who had moved out of state that they could no longer find Polish kielbasa of our standards, we listened and implemented our new mail order system to begin servicing them once again. In doing so, this allowed us to welcome another new challenge of servicing even more customers throughout the United States.

Although much has changed since 1923 with who we service and how we reach them, our kielbasa and committed service still remains the same.
Please give us a try and find out for yourself what makes us stand out from the rest.

After all, with a name like Skoczylas on it, you know our kielbasa is made in the finest of Polish traditions…Hope you enjoy it!!!